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In addition to carrying out construction projects, our company owns asphalt plants, ready-mix concrete plants, and a wide variety of equipment that is needed to support our operational divisions, meet the needs of the market, and support other contractors.


Ours is one of the region’s largest factories, with a production capacity of 160 cubic meters per hour. The plant is equipped with quality control laboratories and cooling units with a capacity of 130 KW to cool the water, which reaches high temperatures during the mixing phase.

Asphalt Plants

Our asphalt factories are some of the largest in the Middle East, with a production capacity of 440 tons per hour. In laboratories attached to the plants, testing of samples is conducted continuously to ensure that they meet the required specifications. These plants are managed by a team of engineers and technicians who are specialized in the management of large factories.

Garage (workshops, vehicles and equipment)

A specialized team of trained technicians, working in fully-equipped workshops, performs regular maintenance and repairs for our plants; our fleet of heavy and light transport vehicles; and equipment used for earth moving, soil transport, road construction, pavement, infrastructure, drainage, and miscellaneous operations.