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"A Contract "was signed by subsidiary (Combined Group Contracting Company Emirates LLC - Abu Dhabi) 26/03/2019

Concerning Upgrade of SEIH SHUAIB- AL FAYAH ROAD (E75) to Dual Carriageway at E311 and E611

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The Annual consolidated financial results for the period ended 31/12/2018

The Board of Directors held its meeting on Monday 18/03/2019 at 1:15 pm

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Concerning construction, completion and maintenance of (410)Vila at AL MARFA 20/2/2019

"A Contract "was signed by Combined Group Contracting Co. (K.S.C) Abu Dhabi & Combined Group Contracting Co. (K.S.C) Kuwait – Joint Venture (JV)

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Concerning establish Abu Dhabi Future school program -phase (8) -Package (4) 10/2/2019

Tender awarded to Combined Group Contracting Emirates L.L.C – Subsidiary & Combined Group Contracting Company (K.S.C) (JV)

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Tender in which we are ranked first (Lowest Bidders) and have not received any official awards, To Combined Group Contracting Company Abu Dhabi (KSC) Joint Venture Combined Group Contracting Company UAE (LLC) United Arab Emirates (Subsidiary)30/10/2018

Internal Roads and infrastructure in Ras Ghurab Island Tender No ....

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