Combined Energy for General Trading & Contracting Co. W.L.L – KUWAIT

The company was founded in 1999 as a limited liability company in the State of Kuwait. In 2015, it became a subsidiary of Combined Group Contracting Company with a 99% stake in the company. The remaining 1% was acquired by the joint global real estate company, and the company had a defense capital of 50,000 KD.

The company's Sections:

Commercial Sections:

the commercial department is prepared to meet the specific needs of various projects by providing high-quality materials that adhere to the terms and specifications of each project.

Earthworks Sections:

the earthworks section is responsible for carrying out various types of foundation excavations, as well as sewer excavations and other types of excavations that are necessary for work sites located between buildings, roads, squares, and so on. These excavations are carried out either through manual digging or through the use of mechanical equipment, or a combination of both.



We are a specialist in construction projects, with a wealth of experience and expertise in delivering high-quality projects across a range of sectors


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Group Team

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Clients & Partners

Combined Group has built its history by building major relationships with strategic partners that we are proud to collaborate with during the past years and upcoming future.

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